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“How can we help you?”

That’s a classic customer service question — and if you think about it, isn’t a contact page kind of like a place to offer great customer service?

That’s how the folks at Dubsat frame their contact page. Below the nice hero image is that simple question, followed by a drop down menu to help personalize the experience. If visitors choose to talk to sales, they’ll see one form show up below the fold. If they choose to get support for one of Dubsat’s specific services, they’ll see another one show up.

They also show their general contact information in a fun way, too. Keep scrolling and you’ll find a visual list of the cities where they have locations. Hover your mouse over those cities, and the image changes to that location on a map, along with all the necessary contact information. Very beautifully and cleverly designed.

A website is one of the most important marketing and branding vehicles a business can have and it is one of the primary tools that customers and clients (present and potential) will use to either find your contact details or make contact with you. So, how easy is it for website visitors to contact you?

A contact us page is not a barrier; it’s an entry. So take inspiration from how these 40 creative contact us pages are doing it.

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  1. IRAN Cell Phone: (+98) 09123753422
  2. IRAN Land Line: (+98) 021-86035702 ٍٍ- extension 802
  3. IRAN Fax Number: (+98) 021-86035698
  4. Sweden Cell Phone:(+46) 0735826306
  5. Email Address: ,
  6. Web Site: , . www,
  7. My Company In IRAN: Patnaco
  8. My Company In Sweden: Petatech Handelsbolag
  9. IRAN Office Address : Unit 58 , 5th Floor , Yekta Building , Corner of Ghazaei Atigh Alley , Northern Felestin Ave. , Tehran , IRAN
    Postal Code: 1415844885
  10. Sweden Office Address : SKOGSHYDDEGATAN 6 – 506 31 Borås Sweden
  11.  Time: Saturday – Thursday 8:00 AM 20:30 PM
  12.  Time: Friday 10:00 AM 14:30 PM
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